Jakarta, Indonesia.
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Wicaksono Sarwo Edi
Wicaksono Sarwo Edi, BNI
(Chief Learning Officer)

Pelatihan ini membuka kesadaran baru ketika nantinya berperan sebagai coach mengenai keterbukaan, kehadiran, keikhlasan membantu dan ketulusan selain diterapkan saat berperan sebagai coach nilai-nilai tersebut dapat diterapkan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari

Cicin Ruruh Winedar
Cicin Ruruh Winedar, PT Megasari Makmur
(Human Resources Director)

Very practical, the experiential learning is helping my in exploring the required competency for becoming a professional coach

Evan Indrawijaya
Evan Indrawijaya, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutri on, Indonesia
(Human Resources Director)

“This program had exceeded my expecta on. The topics were exactly what I wanted and the materials presented were very clear, both at conceptual and tac cal level, applicable in my roles as both corporate human resources and professional coach. I am honored to be in this program with great teacher and coach, who have lots of experience and also great colleagues. I would definitely recommend this program to others who are passionate to explore and learn further the beau ful world of coaching”

Hasnul Suhaimi
Hasnul Suhaimi, PT. Pos Indonesia
(Komisaris Utama)

The best training that i ever attended