Certified Corporate Coach Program ACSTH 66 Hours



Certified Corporate Coaching Program  integrates coaching throughout organizations as a more effective way to manage and build a collaborative and productive culture.
Coaching in corporate creates deep human relation and interaction and creates a great sense of ownership, accountability and commitment from the coachee that enables greater accomplishments in work and life. An effective corporate  coach guides, inspires, and empowers others to help them reach their potential and take them where they would like to be. Coaching for success requires skills, knowledge, and a strategic approach to the challenges and obstacles they may face.
This comprehensive program enables leaders from supervisors, managers and leaders to benefit from effectively managing their team with a proven coach approach. And also it enables external or professional coach who focus on delivering corporate coaching program. The program offers 60 Hour Coach Specific Training Hours based on ICF compentecy.

Modul 1 :  Corporate Coaching Foundation  ( 4 Days)

Core Coaching Foundation

  • Coaching Concept and Definition :
    o    ICF Definition of coaching
    o    The distinctions between coaching and other professional roles
    o    Loop Coaching Philosopy
  • The ICF Competency Framework
    o    Competency 1 : Ethics and Professional Standards
    o    Competency 2 : Establishing the Coaching Agreement
    o    Competency 3 : Establishing Trust and Intimacy
    o    Competency 4 : Coaching Presence
    o    Competency 5 : Active Listening
    o    Competency 6 : Powerful Questioning
    o    Competency 7 :Direct Communication
    o    Competency 8  : Creating Awareness
    o    Competency 9  : Designing Action
    o    Competency 10 : Planning and Goal Setting
    o    Competency 11 : Managing Progress and Accountability

Coaching in Corporate

  • Professional and Organizational Development
  • Situational coaching in organization
  • Coaching for development, transition and remedial
  • Coaching for talent management and succession planning

Leader as Coach

  • Developing  leaders to be internal coach
  • Manager as Coach – Competency and Skills

Corporate Coaching Conversation & Process

  • Coaching coversation : PROCESS, FIRA
    Coaching process :
    o    Session preparation and assessment
    o    Develop effective coaching session
    o    Follow up coaching session

Creating Coaching Culture

  • Organization value and culture
  • How to start
  • Implementation coaching culture

Modul 2 : Corporate Coaching – Skills Development

Group Coaching and Team Coaching

  • What and How
  • Group coaching and Team coaching process

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching Concept
  • Coaching Executive  – Situation, Environment, dynamics
  • Coaching the executive

Coaching Sales Team

  • Coaching for performance
  • Challenges and Opportunity
  • Coaching the sales team

Coaching Practicum

Learning Structures :

  • 4 days residential training class
  • 4 session teleclass @ 2 hours
  • 1 Day  training class
  • Self Study  and Article review and group discussion
  • 10  hours coaching practice and peer coaching
  • 5 x times Individual observed coaching session
  • Final Evaluation


  • 54 Hours Conctact time
  • 12 Hours self study

Total : 66  Hours of Coach Specific Training Hours

Learning goals :

After completing this program, participants should be able to :

  • Understand the definition and concept of coaching
  • Understand how to apply coaching program in organization or corporate
  • Understand and demonstrate ethical standards and uphold the professionalism of a coach in corporate
  • Understand and demostrate coach competency-based  on ICF and coaching process
  • Become an internal coach or  professional coach for corporate or organization
  • Apply as ICF member and pursue ACC Credential.


Loop Coaching philosophy : RICH

Respect, Integrity, Creative Process & Continues learning , Human potential
Coaching is performed with full respect  both coach and coachee.  The foundation of the process is integrity with honesty and openness. Coaching is partnering  together in the creative process between coach and coachee with continues learning to unleash human potential.

Loop Coaching Model : PROCESS , FIRA




Kurnia is Leadership coach, corporate coach and sales coach. He is co-founder of Loop Indonesia and co-founder of International Coach Federation in Indonesia. Kunia was a vice President of ICF Jakarta Chapter 2013 – 2014 and President of ICF Jakarta Chapter period 2014 – 2016, and he also one of pioneer in coaching development in Indonesia.

He has had over 17 years’ experience in the areas of human capital, leadership development, sales management, service culture and organizational development. He has been working extensively with top teams and individuals in many top five national and multinational companies as a Coach, Consultant and Sales Trainer. He is a proactive and dynamic professional.

He is a motivational and inspirational leader capable of coaching and empowering individuals to enable them to fulfill their potential whilst ensuring that they make a positive contribution to the achievement of objectives. Delivering training for more than 10,000 participants withcoaching and mentoring hours more than 1000 hours.Certified Professional Trainer, Certified Coach Practitioner and Professional Certified Coach of International Coach Federation (ICF) USA.


Ina, executive coach, leadership coach and corporate coach, is one of the founder and director of Loop Indonesia. She is also co founder of International Coach Federation in Indonesia and also one of pioneer of developing coach professions in Indonesia. She was the first president of International Coach Federation and highly involved in developing coaching industry in Indonesia. She possesses depth and breadth of 12 years experience as a coach, facilitator, consultant and has worked with top teams and individuals across a wide range of industries from fast moving consumer goods, retail, banking, services company, mining, telecommunication etc. She is the first Indonesian female in Indonesia who got International credential coach from International Coach Federation. Ina sees her role and purpose as providing a catalyst for enhanced organization and team performance. Ina is frequently described by her clients as challenging, insightful and inspirational.
Ina is Certified Coach Practitioner, ICF Credential – Professional Certified Coach, Certified Executive Coach, and currently pursuing Advanced Corporate Coaching Program at Coach U, Australia.


Class training : facilitator presentation, coaching session exercise, role plays, video, case study, group discussion, participants presentation, observed coaching session, facilitator feedback.

Teleclass : Coaching practice and feedback, ICF Coach competencies review.

Self Study : Article review, group discussion, peer coaching, , facilitator support via telephone, email.

Final evaluation: Coaching demonstration & written test.

Language of delivery & training material: Bahasa Indonesia


Executive, HR professionals, Senior leaders, Managers, Coach, Mentor, Consultants ,Trainers, Coaches, Academicians, Anyone who want to implement coaching in organization or corporation.


  • Min. Age : 20 years old
  • Able to follow learning process  and will uphold and promote coach standard profesionalism
  • Must attend minimum 85 % of total program
  • Complete administration process and tuition fee.


  1. Complete the registration form and email it to nur@loop-indonesia.com
  2. Transfer the Booking fee Rp . 3.000.000 to secure your place and send your transfer receipt to nur@loop-indonesia.com
  3. Due to the limited seat all registration accepted will be based FIRST COME, FIRST The seat reservation will be blocked upon receiving the booking fee. Seat is subject to availability.
  4. We will send your participation confirmation and inform you for the remaining payment due
  5. Pay the rest of your payment based on the due date of each category, we will send you formal confirmation letter with all detail information and

If only 15 (Fiftheen) or fewer participants enroll, we reserve the right to cancel the event. Should this occur, all tuition collected to date will be refunded.


  1. The booking fee is not refundable (please see cancellation conditions)
  2. Full payment of the program should be received before or on the due date

Remittance Information:      Bank Transfer in USD

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We rely on an accurate attendance count to make important arrangements for our workshops. If a participant needs to withdraw from a workshop, they must inform us via email no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the scheduled workshop. We will confirm the receipt of the cancellation within three business days .Should there be any cancellation, the following conditions will be applied:

  •  Cancellation less than 15 days prior to the intended training date, 30 % of the total event cost will be charged Rp . 750.000 (Non Refundable)
  • Cancellation after deposit payment, the deposit will be non-refundable
  • Cancellation less than 3 days prior to the intended training date, 50 % of the total event cost will be charged



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